VLC Media Player Rebrand 


For an application I use quite frequently, I found myself thinking of VLC as just a program to watch movies on. Nothing more, nothing less. I took on the challenge of rebranding VLC with the specific goal in mind that I would associate the potential of VLC (connecting the world together through media) to the identity of the program.

The proposed VLC's color palette works in a simple yet effective way. The color palette picked out for VLC can be used to prouduce numerous color combinations that is dynamic while maintaining the identity of the program. While the orange that has become a defining characteristic of VLC is still the primary color for VLC, the series of vibrant colors can be used interchangeably with the orange to help establish VLC as a video player that is connecting people to the world of media.

Previously, VLC did not have an official typeface. Grilli Type's Walsheim is a precise yet friendly typeface which works well with the powerful & accesible nature of VLC.

Other than colors & typography, I imagined a world of dynamic blocks existing alongside the VLC identity. These moving blocks would be a core element of the VLC website and additionally exist alongside any other promotional content like posters or ads.