Typographic Tool


"Construct a DIY machine that will allow you to create letterforms. You can create your own machines or alter existing objects from their original function to turn them into new typographic tools."

Preliminary sketches about grids and letter forms:

The typographic tool was a collaborative project with 2 other students from my type 1 class. The main focus of our project was discovering type in already existing places and using a set of instructions as our "tools" to discover these letterforms. My work, in particular, dealt with how grids could be made from architectural structures such as a window and taking that grid to form a visual system for new typefaces.

All the tools in the "TOOL 1" section deal with using existing forms as inspiration for our own typographic forms. "TOOL 2" deals with the audience engaging with the website to discover their own type forms. Lastly, "TOOL 3" is an attempt at physically connecting existing forms to produce letter forms.