Post- Magazine 


Post- is Brown University’s student-led weekly publication. Working as the chief of layout, my responsibilities included approving design changes, laying out weekly issues, and redesigning the Post- website.

The current Post- Magazine's mobile website is cluttered and difficult to navegate. This redesign aims to reduce the amount of text on the landing page and displays all the important information (the current week's articles).

Whereas the landing page displays all the newest articles, the articles from past weeks are archived in their respective sections.

To make it as easy as possible to visualize the different sections of Post-, the user navegates through the different sections simply through swiping left and right. The purple display at the bottom helps users recall the relative position of the sections.

The order of the sections are customizable. Additionally, the beloved "back page" is given its own page just like a section of Post- and is easily accessed.

Posters were hung around campus to celebrate the launch of the new Post- website & the merge of Post- Magazines and Blog Daily Herald.