For my Wintersession semester of my Freshman year at RISD, I took an architecture course called “From Writing to Architecture”. With a focus on using writing as an impetus for design and architecture, the course lead me to consider how process becomes part of the final product.

The Labyrinth Project is my final project for my 2017 wintersession course and is a series of steps arising from taking a piece of writing and running it through a process which alters its meaning to the point where new meaning is created.

My project began with a piece of writing describing the space under my table. The text was transformed into physical form by projecting the text onto a large mobius strip (the mobius strip represents the idea of a neverending process).

By recording what was legible after the warping and the overlapping produced from the projected text, a new piece of writing was produced. From this text, I picked out four newly formed “words” which I gave new definitions to. These definitions were used to produce four paper models which became my final product.

This piece is a labyrinth in that the audience must understand the process in which the final product was reached in order to understand what the final product stands for. While the paper models are there as a final product of my process, the project’s process is equally important as its final product.