A Human Design Process


Work initiated through boredom is a work process that is intrinsically human. When bored, we tend to scribble or make repetitive marks on a sheet of paper. Examining the seemingly insignificant results of our boredom as pieces of creative product, I attributed the process of repetition fueled by the lack of anything better to do as a process which a machine or algorithm simply cannot mimic. Though the machine may mimic the aesthetics produced by the process of bored repetition, the value and process behind the two types of repetitions are disparate.

The Black & White Aesthetic

My two posters were part of a larger group project where we were tasked to form a group which resists artificial intelligence and to produce posters for that organization. Examining the cultural, social, and emotional aspects of our human work processes, our group came up with the idea that other than the black & white aesthetic which unites the work of our posters (a resistance against how artificial intelligence can take advantage of our emotional responses to color), everything else should vary depending on our personal work processes.